Sunday, June 14, 2009

One of the winners in the Blurb book contest... YEAH!

I just found out now, that the picture of 'Juliet and Jasmine hugging' is a winner of the Blurb book contest!!

WOW, that is amazing!! Thank You so much to the team of I ♥ Faces!! I am honored and very proud of my beautiful girls, I know their smiles make me happy, but also others!!

Go over to the I heart faces website and choose one of your favorites for the Reader’s Choice Award!! and tell your friends to VOTE!
The winner will get a FREE I ♥ Faces Blurb book!

Have a Super Sunday!


Ellie said...

Wow! What an honor! Congrats!!!

Kimi said...

I am not surprised...your photo was WONDERFUL!


Leah and Maya said...

Thats awesome congratulations!!!!

Jen and Jeff said...

Congrats! How could those beautiful faces not win? And that shot is just incredible! I saved the adoption magazine for you to give you when we meet. I figured it may or may not get to you over there.

So great about losing 14 lbs, BTW! What an accomplishment! Really awesome, my friend!

Chris and Terri said...

So cool! They are beautiful!


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