Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am hooked on....

Africology! Which is an ethical, natural and anti-ageing skincare brand from South Africa, practices fair trade and is currently involved in projects to help disadvantaged teenagers and provide water tanks for isolated African communities.

I've been trying out this range of products by Africology: they're fairly new to South Africa, about 2 years old and are only sold in Spa's or at their warehouse close to my house. Their sales benefit good causes as well as my skin and I like that ;-)

All products in the range contain natural ingredients with anti-aging properties are fragranced using essential oils, not synthetic perfumes. I just fell in love with the products because several of them contain neroli, my absolute favourite essential oil, which is native to Africa. The marula skin conditioning body oil, for example, is absolutely heavenly, and a real treat for skin that's looking a bit tired.

The fragrances really do have an effect on the mood, and having applied the body oil and moisturiser earlier in the day, I keep getting delicious wafts of a deep and grounding fragrance, all of which is helping me chill out a lot more than I normally would in the middle of a hectic week!

With a philosophy based on beauty that is more than just 'skin deep' Africology uses only natural ingredients, and all its products are fairly traded. The causes it helps are all based in the brand's country of origin, and based around the idea of empowerment: one is a water project, providing water tanks to isolated African communities that don't have access to running water; another supports and coaches local teenagers.

They just started selling in the UK, but not yet in the USA or elsewhere in the world, but hey they are looking for distributors, so if you want to try it out, give them a call or check out their website here.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Jen and Jeff said...

Very cool. I love products like that, that not only help you but also give back to others. Great find!

Life with Kaishon said...

I like their ad. Very cool.


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