Monday, August 2, 2010

~ Typical, beautiful, magical Thai ~

After 60 days, 47 posts and 900 pictures later my stories about our vacation in Thailand comes to an end. I never have documented a travel so well as this one!

It was a wonderful time, I am glad that I gave the girls a peek into their mother country, they have a better feeling now about Thailand, the wonderful people, their foods, habits and culture for sure! Having spent day in day out for 2 whole months in the Land of the Smiles at this age, it is ingrained in them now. The last time we were in Thailand also for a long time; 3 months, but the girls were only 4 years old and they didn't remember much. Now they do!!

So here some images that need no words but you still will know it is about Thailand. Just typical, beautiful, magical Thai.

And last but not least, our beautiful and magical Thai girls, although not so typical :-)

This was it!

We are moving to South Africa again for my next blog posts....

Sawasdee Kha!


Kim said...

WOW...what GREAT pictures!!!! Breathtaking!!

I rounded the corners using Picnik.


Wendy said...

Your best photos yet--except maybe for the safari pics.

Lily and I are going to miss your Thai posts. Maybe next time, you'll be reading ours!

Thank you so much again for sharing these wonderful stories and pictures.

plantagenet said...

Mireille, thanks for all the time you spent to make the travel blog and share your pics and experiences. Wonderful. I love the spirithouses, especially the wooden ones. I still have one in Germany and one in France. I still clean them and give flowers, water and other merits.... People smile at me. never mind, I love my spirits and they watch our house well. Never have snakes in the French garden. Now they are decorated with Tibetan prayflags!

Wyndee said...

I have loved your Thai stories & pics!!! Where are your next travels? I'm living vicariously through you. ;-)

Mireille said...

I am planning my next trip already... next month a small safari...


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